Going Home

I am waiting for my return flight to Tokyo at the Bangkok International airport.
In an hour, I will be on board and coming back to my home contry.
I left Japan last Sunday and moved on to Cambodia only three days ago.
In Cambodia, I met my old friends, new friends and had wonderful meetings with them.
I also happened to hear a lot of good news about my friends who have worked enthusiasitically for children and human rights and still keep trying to get things done and change this world, which really encouraged me to move ahead with my own dream.\
In short, this mission was fantastic.
Now, I have a full of ideas both for Tokyo Tech and for my own research.\
Bisedes, I could confirm again how much I like visiting and traveling around in the countries like Cambodia.
Since I met one Japanese volunteer in the Phillipien 25 years ago, those fields have always attracted me so much.
Now, I will back home to realize my own dream.



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